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100% Authentic Colombian Empanadas

Gluten-Free and Halal Options


Now at Two Locations in Toronto

Beaches Toronto West Toronto

Beaches Toronto

281 Scarborough Road Toronto Ontario M4E 3M9

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West Toronto

825 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1V4

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Getting your hands on our delicious Colombian Empanadas is easy. We offer 3 options for your convenience:



*UberEats, DoorDash, or Ritual

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(Within 10km from Real Empanada)

Real Empanada
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 Delicious, wholesome, authentic Colombian Empanadas.

Zest up your next meal with Real Empanada’s authentic Colombian empanadas – tasty, wholesome, gluten-free, and halal.

Available in beef, chicken, cheese, vegetarian, and vegan options of either beyond meat, or impossible meat. Every order includes a complimentary salsa: mild, medium hot, hot, or fire.

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Welcome to The Real Empanada Family, the only place to find what a Real Empanada tastes like!

Real Empanada Corporation is a Restaurant, Manufacturer and Distributor of Colombian Empanadas. By partnering with District Venture Kitchen; a food incubator backed by Arlene Dickinson and the City of Toronto we are now able to bring our family’s recipe to the world!

With two convenient locations, we’re serving up Toronto’s Best Colombian Empanadas alongside the ever-coveted Mama’s Signature Salsa. We serve the salsa with Empanadas, but you can take a jar home with you and put it on top of all of your favourite foods too!

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